Abigail Elizabeth Warren

Abigail Elizabeth Warren, 18, began dancing in Heaven on February 1, 2023.

Abby was a light to everyone who knew her, and she shined brightest when she was dancing on stage. She went from a little girl that looked up to everyone, to being the one all the little girls looked up to. The dance studio was her happy place. If she wasn't sleeping, she was dancing. Abby helped with many rehearsals, cleaning and doing anything she could to help -- she took any excuse to be there even if she didn't have to be. Through every injury and setback, Abby never stepped down from a challenge and she never took it easy because she simply wanted to dance.

Abby's outgoing personality shone in person, online, or when volunteering at Amelia Physical Therapy. The patients and staff at Amelia PT loved the days that Abby volunteered; she brought joy and happiness to the clinic. Abby could not stand still and at any moment you might catch her dancing in the gym while waiting to help a patient or therapist. She had an amazing ability to connect with people and quickly create deep bonds.

Abby had so much love to share with so many people. And she made sure you knew she loved you. To know Abby was to love her, and she was always willing to share her truest self with the world.

Abigail Elizabeth Warren, "Abby," will live forever in our hearts at Amelia Physical Therapy.